Summer summary

Well, the summer is drawing to a close, and I for one am thankful the cooler weather is coming.
A few weeks ago I went to North Carolina to visit my family, and mom & I escaped the heat in Maggie Valley, up in the mountains. I've posted some pictures here, but I do have a whole set of all the roses at Lake Junaluska & other pictures over here on my flickr.

On the way there we had a little yarn crawl at Black Mountain yarn shop which was a very lovely shop! We got some neat gadgets there and also at another shop, I apologize I don't remember their name....
these stitch markers all have words on them like center, decrease, increase etc, so you can place them to remind you of what to do when you get to them!

I also finally finished my Lanesplitter skirt! It's a little bit tight....

While I was gone, Tripsie went to the vet to get some treatment for her skin issues. Unfortunately she seemed to pick up a bit of a bug :( Poor little girl.

fortunately it passed quickly. They both went after I got back and now they're up to date on all their shots.

Kitty continues to get stronger and more active in the new house! I'm really happy that he's bounced back so much, though it makes me sad he was unhealthy for so long and now it seems the old townhouse was the cause of it.

We've been really enjoying our real sized kitchen & dining room, as well as the grill. I've made lasagna, and also like to make myself pasta for lunch.

No Tripsie, you cannot has.

Hanging out in the back yard while Sam grills burgers.

There's a baby explosion at work, so I've been making blankets and booties. These are for my co-worker Karen, or really for little Caledonia (Latin word for Scotland, I had to Wikipedia it). I didn't finish the 2nd bootie in time for the baby shower, so I wrapped the blanket, 1 bootie, and the yarn with needles stuck in. It's all finished now :)

I've also been working on a pair of socks, using some of my Yarn Pirate stash and this Mermaid's Lagoon pattern from Knitty

I also finally made good on my promise to a sweet little girl, this is Minnie, and I've been promising her a sweater for YEARS!

My other canine friends are Toulouse and Renior, the puppies of my D&D DM James. They like to hang out with all of us while we play and try to get some of our tasty treats.

Of course the big news this week has been the earthquake & hurricane Irene. The earthquake was scary, but only because it was my first one. It is very unsettling to have the ground under you move!! Everything is fine though. We barely had any effects from the storm, just a cloudy rainy weekend. But Mike & Janine came to see us for the weekend, and I'm hoping they return to Richmond with no bad surprises. One of their neighbors had a tree fall.

Next weekend my family will come up for the long weekend, and mom will see my house for the first time! I'm so excited :)

Been busy enjoying my new home!!

Warning for friends with slower internet connections.... Picture heavy :)

There's been snuggles

Tripsie on her fort, which she hasn't gotten back on since... not sure why.

Tripsie in her favorite spot, the top of the stairs.

My shelves
Which I put together ALL BY MYSELF!

Nice and clean and organized (this was taken right after setting them up. You'll see them again later)

The kitties have been staying cool by laying on the tile floor in the kitchen. The air vent is in the floor right between them. They both love to walk up to it and hold their faces right in the stream of cold air.

The kitties inspect my knit nook/hobbit hole. (Yes, Kitty comes upstairs all by himself!)

Kitty watching TV
Kitchen again, that screen in the dining room will hide the litter boxes from guests.

Decorating with knitting. My blanket I knit last year on the sofa.

My wedding veil as a lace doily under my bouquet and a wedding photo.

A centerpiece from our reception next to our wedding album Janine made. The prior homeowner left these shelves up!

On the other shelf, a wedding gift from family, and our invitation in a photo frame one of my co-workers put together for me.

Back in my knit nook, the left side of my desk. In the white boxes are undyed yarn & lace. Blue boxes mostly contain notions, one brown box holds (most of) my WIP bags, and there's sock yarn and cotton in the others.

More yarn & more bags.

What's that annoying whiney sound? Oh.. Hi Tripsie. Ok fine, I'll take your picture too. Tripsie has not adjusted as well as Kitty has. But then again she's never moved before other than coming to live with us. She cried all night for 2 weeks, and has done it again a few nights when we've had storms. But she's getting better. Now if we can get her to stop licking til she gets scabs.

My (non-functional, decorative only) spinning wheel... i think some of the legs got mixed up, but it's too hot to mess with it right now.

The right side of my desk. As you can see it's a little more "lived in" now. More notions, yarn, and my knitting books. And of course SNACKS!

We've been enjoying our kitchen.

Nomnomnom Sam has been grilling! (Chicken, mashed taters, and home-made cheddah biscuits like you get at Red Lobster.)

Kitty has been very curious about the new surroundings.

I got some really cute new address notification postcards from Jack & Ella on Etsy

And she included some very cute little blank notecards

We love our new home SO MUCH. We didnt' have to do anything to it! Now to get back to knitting!

New House!!!!

I didn't want to post this until everything was finalized, just in case :) but yesterday at about 4:30 pm we signed all the paperwork and handed over a check and bought our new home!!!

Unfortunately, as soon as we got back to our townhouse, a huge thunderstorm swooped in.

Fortunately, it only rained for about an hour and then it cleared up!

(by the way, that's my view on my drive home from work everynight from now on. Beautiful!)
The temperature dropped, but it got humid. Sam's head was even steaming! Between the two of us, we got almost all of our furniture on the truck.

Here's a few pictures of the new house with some of the furniture placed.

The seller left us the curtains and shelves.

Excellent yard sale find!

We went back for all our boxes and got them all on the truck. Around that time, Sam's brother got off work and offered (was enlisted) to help, which was VERY much appreciated. They unloaded the boxes as I moved the last of the little random things from upstairs. They came back with the truck and we prepared to leave.

Say good bye to the old house Tripsie!

Time to go Kitty!

The last step was to get the cats in the car. Driving through town with two cats loose in the car (they both love car rides and are very well behaved.. and we only have one carrier) at 2 am is pretty surreal :)

We pull up to the new house.

And let the kitties check it out.
Kitty says Hey what's in here?

Tripsie says Oooh look what's in here!!!

I relax after a very long day.


Today, Sam & his dad went back to get the last 2 pieces of furniture that were too big for the two of us, and I worked on unpacking the kitchen.

Kitty seems to feel so much better here, and his health had also seemed to improve as we kept the cats mostly upstairs the last few weeks.

Is this my room?

*sigh* I love my bathroom!!!! I'm sure you can't guess why

Tripsie had been very stressed out about all the packing. The only time she'd ever moved before was when her former owner brought her to us. She seems to be very grateful we brought her with us. As if we could leave her behind!
She was really happy when she found her sun puddle
No Tripsie, those horizontal stripes don't make you look fat.

"Wow, watching you guys unpack all that stuff sure was exhausting!!!"

And now, where am I? In what I had been calling my knitting nook, but Sam says I should call The Hobbit Hole! I think I'll have a sign made :)

So very excited for it all to be done. Now to unpack....