Crawl & Haul!

Today, mom and I went on a Yarn Crawl!
This time we headed east, to Greensboro & Winston Salem.

We actually started off in Kernersville, where the Ben Franklin shop is closing and had everything on sale.

I'm thinking a pinwheel shawl or blanket. Very pretty colors.

We then headed on towards downtown Greensboro. Mom hadn't been there much since her college days, and in the *few years since there's been quite a lot of improvements to the area.

This is the Woolworth store where there was a sit in, the counter itself is now in the Smithsonian.

They've also revitalized some old buildings. Check out the architecture! Also, YAY for cameras with zoom! That was the very top of a tallllll building.
Doors to a bar.

We went in Gate City Yarns.
Those people on the wall are actually fired iron if I remember right - they're called iron maidens. Get it? *giggle*

I'm assuming the shop is called that because of the neat little gates that were on each alley - some had shops in the alley, and some had really neat bits of art. Check out this um... water spout thingy?
I really liked this store. It had a very homey feel at the same time it was displaying beautiful pieces of art (and I don't just mean knitting). Mom and I were also amused because there were more men in the store than women!

I picked up some yarn and a pattern for a baby sweater. The yarn is really pretty - almost Noro like in its color changes.

Here's a close-up. These are all the same colorway! Crazy isn't it?

We went to 3 more shops afterwards, but nothing really struck my fancy (actually I told mom not to let me buy anymore - I had left with plans to just buy 1 skein of malabrigo for a hat.)

Also, tonight while watching Phantom of the Opera I finished the 2nd of the 2nd pair of Fetching.

(Modeled by Page)
(And yes, a love of rings does run in the family :P)

For this pair I was asked to make the finger bits a little longer, so I did an extra repeat.
Heading home tomorrow, then back at work Monday. Not looking forward to that, but I do miss my kitties.

*no I'm not telling.


Also showing off mom's mad quilt skillz

Tag, I'm it?

Thomas tagged me in a meme thingymabob.

So here we go:
I am to list 6 things that I am thankful for, and list 6 bloggers who I think are nifty. But I'm a big fat cheater cheater .... though I don't eat punkins so anywho.

I am thankful for my family, which includes sweet Kitty, who is at this moment dreaming that he is Superman


and of course Sam - who ROCKS my socks that rock.

And of course my parents and my sister, however I don't have pictures of them, nor do I really feel its appropriate to post pictures of people on the internet without their knowledge :)

I am thankful for good real-life friends like Mikey & Janine, Ben, Thomas, Cindy, Dana, Dianne, and many others. My apologies if I did not list you specifically, or if you don't like the order I put you in.

I am thankful for internet friends like Eric & Brian, and all the sweet knitters who are so generous of their time.

I am thankful for knitted socks, and I think that I have been grumpy recently because I have not been knitting socks all month. But soon holiday knitted items will be complete and then I can get back to my lovelies.

I am thankful that I have a job that I mostly like, and that allows me to work undisturbed for most of the day, and listen to my ipod.

I am thankful that we live in a world where its easy to reconnect with old friends :)

Let's see that's 6 isn't it?

Next up, 6 bloggers who we think are nifty. Well, I'm sorry Thomas but I just can NOT narrow it down so.

6 nifty Knitting bloggers:

The Lime & Violet Daily Chum. Great source of information, and regular articles about other nifty things.

The Yarn Harlot Most smartest, wittiest, knitter I can think of. And she's hilarious to boot!

WendyknitsAside from writing amazing patterns, shes' got great taste in kitty cats.

ShutupI'mcounting a phrase most knitters have either said or thought (as we hold up one finger to indicate we are not to be disturbed right now). Cass doesn't do well in the winter so she's a little grumpy, but come springtime she'll be right as ... well as right as she ever is.

Irishgirlie's blog. What more can I say, she has amazing taste in yarn :)

And last but not least, Brooklyn Tweed Jared takes beautiful pictures of gorgeous projects. He comes up with amazing ideas.

6 of my friends' blogs

Cindy details her experiences as a new mom and new transplant to Texas.

Mikey has just bought his first house! And he mostly talks about super awesome things you can do with technology and the internet and social networks and metal and awesome times in Richmond.

Ben writes about whatever pops into his head. Honest! He also reviews movies and posts song lyrics and whatnot.

Thomas... is well, he's a goofball :P

Kyle is the super awesome knitter who sent me my lovely scarf (which is definitely coming in handy). He does more than just knits though, he's been working on some paintings too!

is one of my lovely awesome knit night friends. She recently sent me some roving to play with on my drop spindle! She's also married to a hunkahunka running man as shown in her most recent post.

And finally, 6 super funny, entertaining blogs:

Project Shadow - also listen to their daily podcast!
And of course, Cute one of my favorites!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated, and YAY its almost the weekend for everyone else ;)

Good golly!

It has been quite a productive weekend. Amazing the things you get done when you're not watching TV (although I did play Fable II for a while today. But that' an assignment so it doesn't count).

Friday night I podcasted with the boys. While we chatted I worked on my sweater. Does it still look like undies Thomas?

And I've just now finished the first pair of Fetching (fingerless gloves) for my co-worker. That's one more pair for her, and then a couple for Christmas pressies, and then my own pair.

I also worked on that prettiful scarf I showed off before, but it pretty much looks the same.

Oh! And I got some Christmas presents. NO PEAKING!!!

Then I rescued Kitty from the sofa of DOOM!

All in all, a very good weekend.


Pardon the ends, I'll weave them in momentarily.

Thomas, please enter an official smile for Ms. Ellen at work.


At least, we're pretty sure it was Tripsie. Although Kitty has been up and at em again.

But look at what happened when Sam picked up the bag of treats.

Also, if you're in the Yarn Pirate club and haven't gotten your shipment yet, look away.

Still looking? Good - look at the pretty!!!


I'm almost done on my first fetching. Just 5 more rows, then the bind off, then.. *gulp* the thumb.

YAY Knitting content and fixed car!

YAY My car is back home. Turned out it was just the battery and serpintine belt, which was a HUGE relief.

I feel its safe to share one of my knitted items that I am making for a Christmas gift. But just in case, I'm not going to say who its for.

Its a very interesting pattern, and is very easy although I've made a few mistakes. But since the pattern is based on vines I figure - what vine is perfectly symmetrical right?
Anyways, I'm using lifelines now, so no more!
I love the yarn and I can't wait for Tyler to get back to dyeing.

My sweater also continues to grow.

And I've cast on some Fetchings for a co-worker. This is my first successful attempt at cables so I'm very excited! Sorry Bedford knitting group, I couldn't wait - she's paying me for my time and the materials so I wanted to get them done ASAP.

Tripsie is making herself presentable for her boyfriends,

and now taking a beauty rest.

Kitty says "'Sup."
I think he's feeling better. The weekend drop treatment seems to set him back as it sends the evil buggars on the run, but then each day that goes by he gets a little better.

It got better...

Saturday did get better. Sam informed me his friend who has a recording studio had asked him to come see one of the bands he'd been working with.

The band was playing at a local pizza place where a couple of my high school friends work, so I insisted on tagging along.

Because I'm still a little wary of firefox crashing and killing my post, I'm copying over my description I sent a friend via email earlier today.

Pizza was awesome, brick oven-baked, garlicy and lots of different cheeses.
Alcy list included a bunch of snobby stuff we'd never heard of and: PBR. No Miller, no Bud.
Sam & his friend got something that had a very citrusy aftertaste, which Sam's friend didn't like. So after washing my nommy pizza down with PBR I finished off the orange beer too.
The band, who's name I couldn't begin to spell is a mix of QOTSA and Clutch, with a dash of Muse vocals. Also, the drummer is a friend of mine's son. And we sat in the booth RIGHT IN FRONT of them, so yeah, I pretty much couldn't hear squat after the first 5 seconds other than WOOSHWOOSHBANGBANGSTRUMDOOTWOOSHBANGEDOUBLEBASSOFDOOM

Anyways, we had a very good time, and the Red Rocket (my car) has been towed to my fix-it-men.
In the meantime

What a day....

I just spent half an hour typing out my day and a witty description of all these pictures and firefox crashed and I lost it all, so to heck with it!

Kitty hates us 'cause we put in ear drops

Tripsie is a camera whore.

I got yarn. YAY

This yarn is for gifties. Tee hee.

I've got some work done on my sweater.

My car is dead. BOOOOOO
*gives up and goes back to bed*

Two great tastes that taste great together

Every once in a while an awesome combination comes along. Chocolate and peanut butter. French fries and milk shakes. Mayonaise and toast. Ok maybe those last 2 are just me (at least it doesn't involve bologna).
Cat, from Let's Knit Together + Gary from Wine Library TV = EPIC AWESOME WIN WIN WIN!!!!

Though I am a little jealous because I had ordered yarn to try a wine bottle cozy a while ago and she beat me to the punch ;) Oh well!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Hello, I'm back! Feeling much better thank you for everyone who asked (and Kitty's feeling much better too, he was upstairs in the shower lapping up the water this morning).

I wish this was the last time I said this but: The stock prices of a company do not reflect the financial strength or stability of said company. We're fine thank you very much. Repeat ad infinitum until this mess clears up.

Anywho. Tonight was knit night in Bedford and I needed it badly! I love getting together with these ladies and just sit and knit and chat about silly things. They thought I might not brave the rain but I really do enjoy the quiet time, and its so much easier to knit without a cat who wants to get on your lap.

Tonight I got to play with my drop spindle! Dana was kind enough to help me get started.

I'm amused by the story of how I got the container I'm using to keep it. On Halloween at work, they sent an email to everyone and said that there were some treats or tricks in front of one of the breakrooms. Everyone assumed it was either candy, or maybe food - but no! It was piled up, unwanted office supplies! Well, being an office supply nerd i grabbed up this box :) And its perfect for my roving and spindle. Keeps it well out of Miss Tripsie's grubby little claws (and teeth).

I also worked on my sweater, having received my needles yesterday in the mail. Its just started and the picture still doesn't do the yarn justice.

Tomorrow I am going to Petsmart with Idiotboy to prepare for his adoption of another friend's cat, Vincent. I can show you a video of him, but to cater to my friends with dial-up *coughThomascough* I will just share the link and not embed the video.

I hope everyone is doing well and I am so ready for the weekend!!!

An update from Kitty

Hey guys! Mama had kinda a rough day at work so she's taking a rest. But she told me everyone has been asking how I am and passing along their wishes for me and I wanted to say Thanks!
People have been asking what was wrong with me, so here's my story.

I hadn't been feeling well for a while, and I kept falling over, so I started to walk much slower. My ears itched and hurt too, but of course I didn't really have a way to tell Mommy and Daddy about that.

Then Saturday morning, mommy and daddy got up WAY Early. I knew something had to be up.
Sure enough, mommy picked me up and we went out the big door, and into Daddy's car.
Mommy held me and put a belt around us. Usually mommy lets me roam around the car, but I think with my dizziness sitting with her was probably the best idea.
We stopped at somewhere I had never been before. Then, daddy held a box towards me. I love boxes! I climbed right in! But it was an evil trick. A door shut in front of my face and someone was carrying me inside the box!

They carried me into a building that smelled funny. I could hear other cats meowing, and a dog and even a baby!
Mommy talked to a lady and then wrote some information on a piece of paper. Daddy talked to me and tried to keep me calm. Then we all went into a small room and they let me out of the box.
They set me on this weird metal table. It was so cold! But there was a window so I looked out it and there was a pretty garden outside. I could still hear a cat crying. That thing was more annoying than Tripsie!
Then this lady came in and grabbed two things out of a box, and a handful of those white stick things that are all over the bathroom floor that Tripsie plays with (Mommy says they're called q-tips).
The lady looked in my ears with a little flashlight and said I had ear mites. EWWWWW
Then OH MY GOSH!!! A second lady grabbed a hold of me, and they squirted stuff in my ears!! Then they used the q-tips and poked me in the ear! There was gunk on the used ones. She kept grabbing new ones, scooping out my ears and setting dirty ones down.

It was so humiliating that I buried my face in the arm of the lady who had held me still. Then all of a sudden I felt two sharp pains in my leg! WTF!! They gave me shots while I wasn't paying attention.
Then the box came back. I tried to scoot away but Daddy held it still and mommy pushed me in. They carried me back into the first room and after another couple of minutes we went back to the car.

That's when I started to cry. I didn't feel well, I was embarrassed, and to make things worse they left me in the box so I couldn't see!!!

We went back home, and I went to sleep. Those shots wore me out so I slept almost all weekend.

I must admit though, after sleeping all weekend I do feel much better. Look at how much cleaner my ears are!

And I've been walking around a little.

So, that's my story. Thank you everyone for your concern! But no worries I'm fine!

Bonus, I think the ear mites are migrating to Tripsie. HEHEHEHEE

Richmond trip and some knitting

YAY I'm so glad to be back home. While I had a very good time on my Richmond trip thanks to having such great friends in that town, it was a very tiring process.
I arrived right on time for my meeting, and then Thomas and I went to lunch. I got to meet his beautiful dog Solomon!

Solomon was kind enough to show me some of the tricks he can do.
Lay down.

After the long day, I went back to check into my room. The view is so familiar. Weee.

Then Mike & Janine came over, and Janine opened some birthday presents. Mike gave her a Dwight Bobblehead, and I gave her a hairbrush (doesn't sound very exciting but its JUST what she wanted. Luckily I had very good advice) :)

Then Thomas arrived, and the four of us headed to KubaKuba.

I ordered a side order of Tostones, which are fried plantains (kinda like bananas).

I went back for more meetings on Thursday and then finally got home around 6:30.
I did get a little knitting done, since I couldn't get the hotel's wireless internet to connect.
And so, without further ado I present:

My Wollmeise socks!!! How I love thee

Also, we have determined that Kitty very likely has an ear infection. We're taking him to the V-E-T tomorrow. He thanks everyone for their well wishes and he's been pretending to feel better ever since we told him where he was going.

With a Kitty nod he says "Thanks guys! I'll be just fine! See? I feel all better!
(He was looking at me but then the flash went off)