Wuv, twue wuv

As many of my readers know, I got married this past summer :)
Several things which kept running through my mind were how grateful I was that we have friends and family who supported us, and offered their time and financial assistance as well as their talents to help us pull it off.

One of my dear sweet knitting friends and I were frequently chatting with eachother on plurk about the ups and downs of wedding planning. Brooklyn Michelle has had quite a few downs. As a resident of New Zealand their marriage license (which I think was maybe $25 here?) is $120!!! And now, someone she paid to do custom work has left her high and dry with nothing to wear!! With just 2 weeks until the wedding its quite a hustle to find something you like, that fits, but also something affordable too!

How can you help? Its easy. If you click the link up there *points at her name which I am hoping is a different color and underlined* it will take you to her blog where you can send a donation via paypal. Just a few bucks will help so much! If you don't feel overly charitable, you can buy her sock pattern Around the World and support her creativity and get a great pattern!

Thank you in advance. Tomorrow (I think) I will post about the Roanoke NoSoKnit. Cheers.

Roll Call

I've been suffering from a bit of cast-on-itis.
Figured today while the sun was out was a good opportunity to show off some of what I've been working on.
Special thanks to Tripsie for sharing (sort of) the one spot of natural light in the apartment.

"Huh wha?"

That's my Mario Socks.

The yarn is from my Retro Video Game sock club 1st shipment and it represents one of my first video games ever, Super Mario Brothers from the NES. The pattern, is called PoppyCock Socks and came from the Loopy Ewe.

"Looks tasty Mama!"

I've also been working on a Pi blanket/shawl thingy. Its my "sims" knitting because its just knitknitknitknitknit so I work on it while I play sims.

"I like to sit under the desk and wait for the yarn to dangle down. NOMNOMNOM"

I nearly ran out of the purple, and I have 1 more set of increases, then 48 rows and THEN the lace border, so I ordered more....

Yesterday I went to Roanoke NoSoKnit with my friends! This was our second year and I think I had even more fun than last year. I was a bad blogger and didn't take ANY Pictures so I will wait and steal others ;)
While I was there I bought me some Noro, and last night I cast on for a "Traveling Woman" shawl.
I can't wait to see how the colors come through :) I have a bit of a wonky bump on my cast on edge becuase I didn't understand the instructions quite right, but since that's at the top I figure most people won't even see it.

Traveling woman is VERY Appropriate for this month, because:
Yesterday I went to Roanoke.
Next week I am traveling to Richmond for work.
The 17th we are going to Charlottesville to see Metallica!!!!
The weekend of the 23rd I will be going to North Carolina to attend SAFF Again with Mom.
And now Sam is talking about seeing Mastodon the first week of November. *falls over*

I wish I had a chauffeur who could drive me everywhere, so that I could knit in the car!

Happy (belated early) Birthday Sam!

Sam's birthday was yesterday, but we did everything on Tuesday, but I'm just now blogging about it :)

Here's his present all pretty and wrapped. Sam was quite confused because he was only expecting a receipt for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which he'd asked me to reserve for him.

This is a look of happy surprise.

Its a ROBE!!!!

Looks pretty good right?

And as usual, Tripsie likes the plastic bag it came in.

Kitty says HI PEOPLE!

Random weekend stuff.

Friday night Sam went to watch his nephew play football and stopped off to pick up some clothes his sister gave us!

He's been losing quite a bit of weight, so he's actually getting his nephew's clothes. And MAN does he look awesome!

His sister also lost a bit of weight, so she gave me quite a few clothes as well (pictured above).
I've no idea where we'll put it all but we're grateful for it! And I've never owned one of those velour track suits before, but now i have 2 and man are they comfy!

One small problem though, the clothes were quite fragrant. Pleasantly fragrant mind you, but we're allergic to Fabreeze and heavily perfumed stuff. Yes, all of us are. Even the cats. Poor Tripise has been sneezing all weekend.
Here she is chilling on her fort with her flea.

Sam and I have both been working out using our Wii Fit. I need to get my butt in gear! Sam only weighs about 40 lbs more than I do and he's 9 inches taller!!!

I am working on some knitting projects, but I can't seem to get the color to come out right so I will keep working at that before sharing. I hope everyone's got new shows coming on this week to look forward to :)

River picture time

Don't these show up so nice and neat against the white background in the middle?

This is a painting of the old cabin. A few years ago some bunghole set it, and the 3 around it on fire.

But we've finished rebuilding!

This is my happy place. There is no stress, there is no work, there are no deadlines - we barely keep track of the time. This is my heaven on earth!


If you read my blog through google reader or another feed service (Mom, this means you) please click over and look at my blog page in its new beautiful glory!

My friend Mikey found a great new layout for me, and its much cleaner and better organized.

Later this week I will post some pictures from the weekend, or in the meantime you can check most of them out on my flickr stream :)

For now, I am working on a pi blanket/shawl and need to finish tinking back the row I messed up by not reading directions.