The best kind of baby shower

Is a knit- night baby shower!
Why? Because knitters make AWESOME STUFF

Check out this beautiful woven blanket.

Sorry Stephanie, it's not the cutest picture of you - but you're so in awe of the blanket!

Awww its the wee little baby booties!!!!
These were a big hit. YAY!

And look at the cute little cocoony thing!

Also - we knitters take care of our own. Beautiful yarn for mommy!
I've decided to knit some more baby booties - these are for a co-worker who is about to become a grandmother.

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A conundrum

This is the blanket/shawl thing I was hoping to finish for the Knitting Olympics. As you can see, several weeks later I'm still nowhere near finishing. However, I do need to start thinking ahead to the next section.

As you can see, I already have quite a bit of the stitches all bunched up to make enough room to work. However, once I finish the remaining 15 rounds, I have another increase section and then 50 rows of lace.

Is the set of needles I'm working on long enough? The only solution I can think of is to get an Addi Click system, which allows me to combine 2 cords to make one super-long-mega cord.

What do you think?

*this is totally not just me trying to validate the purchase honest*

Tripsie says it's plenty big enough and I should just give it to her now.

New Project!

No, this isn't a new pair of socks or a shawl. This is a new blog! I've decided to do more reviews and also start doing interviews and they will be posted with weekly features over on The Week in Knit.
So check it out and let me know what you think :)

I will try to get back to posting more regularly about normal everyday life stuff- just hasn't been a lot going on.

Kitty wants me to tell you he is down to 1 pill per day.

Happy Anniversary To me!

10 years ago, giver or take a few days, I was putting in my notice at J Crew, and starting my first REAL job, at the company where I still work to this day.

So, a week or two ago I received an email with the like to my choices of anniversary gifts! I decided against jewelry, and also a bicycle. We don't need any more luggage, and I was certain a wine glass/decanter set would be a nightmare to ship.
So, I chose pots and pans, since Sam had just mentioned that we needed new ones.

I was very impressed at how quickly they arrived, and they're very shiny!

In other news, the warm weather is bringing out all kinds of animal visitors. Our neighbors have gotten a second dog, I'm pretty sure it's a boxer puppy (we've been calling it that anyways). There it is with Bark-bark.

We also had these two little black kitties come by yesterday.

Not much else going on. Kitty' medications seem to be helping. YAY!
He's modeling a baby bootie I've knit for a friend (who I hope doesn't read this blog...)
I think he wants some Kitten Mittens

And the voting is closed!

The most votes went to the dark Wollmeise, so I've wound it onto a ball and I'm about to cast on!

This weekend while I was waiting to start, I decided to organize my patterns.


My patterns were all scattered in several places, so I got them all together in a pile.

My assistants helped me to sort them, and get them all together. Some patterns I'd printed from sources like Knitty, and the charts were separate from the instructions etc. Thank goodness Kitty and Tripsie helped out!

I put them each in a page protector, and put them in a binder. Now they're all together and I can put them on the bookshelf.

Added bonus, I found the instructions for a VERY old WIP and now I can get back on track on it.