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Just some content updates

Hullo! YAY Flu is gone! Thanks to all the well wishes, and for not saying I'm being whiney or anything ;) also YAY We're getting a 2nd cat! Her name is Tripod, and yes she has 3 legs.
Now with the bloggy stuff!

Thanks to lots of late night fever induced brainstorms, I wanted to point out a new feature I'm adding Right now *click.. click click.... type type.... click* see?
Got the idea when thinking about a game an ole internet friend of mine (Oh, shut up Ipe, you're not old but we have known each other what... 12 years now?) have played.. well.. I guess about 12 years now.
Check out the new weekly poll random thingy. There's no question. There's not even a right answer. Just 2 options. Go ahead, pick one :)
You can choose the one you like better. You can choose the one you think sucks. Doesn't matter :)
And if you'd like, you can leave me a comment about why you chose it.
Now, about comments.... I've had to turn on that annoying word confirmation thing. I'm sorry, I hated to do it ('cause I can't make out what the durn things say half the time..) but I've gotten 2 evil spammy spyware looking posts in the last week. So had to be done for your protection.

Also, for your convenience, I've added google search over there too *points* You can search or the whole world wide internets.

1st Review!

Mikey has been telling me for a looong time to check out Wine Library TV. I did DVR host Gary's appearances on Letterman and Ellen, and cracked up at his forcing them to suck on rocks and eat dirt. I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to the podcast. I downloaded a few back episodes and watched them as much as I could today at work.
I've never been a huge fan of wine, or champagne. Then again I remember a time where I hated beer....

But Gary puts it in a great new perspective. I remember one of the wines he tried smelled like Big League Chew and a jam and pepper. Now that's something I could get into! And even though I'm not from Jersey, I was in the marching band, so thank you, I know exactly what bus exhaust smells like ;)
Now I'm excited to start possibly trying some wines. At least smelling them...

Also new feature today is the Caturday pic of the Day. Usually it will just be one of my favorite caturday pics, but I thought this one was appropriate for the topic :)